Vera Series 6 ep 2 Reviews

Wowsers. Pick of the day in What’s On TV, TV Times and Radio Times. Five star review too, for Tuesday’s Child, episode 2 of Vera series 6.  



I Helped Write A Song!

Men With Ven are a brilliant band based in Whitstable who, aware that I am a man who spends half his life sitting in a shed, asked me to come up with some lyrics for their song “Down The Shed”. I was bloody chuffed that they actually used some of them – and gave me a co-writer credit to boot. No sign of a royalty cheque yet, though. They assure me it’s in the post.

Here’s the video! My shed features in it, of course.


Vera Series 6

I wrote the second episode of ITV’s hit crime drama Vera. “Tuesday’s Child” will be broadcast in the UK, on ITV1 and ITV1 HD on Sunday 7th February 2016. I hope you all enjoy it.

I’ve seen it and couldn’t be happier. It’s a cracking episode, with some wonderful guest performances. Heart-wrenching stuff. In fact, I think this series is going to be the best Vera yet. There are four really strong, emotional episodes, including the adaptation of Ann Cleeves’ latest Vera novel The Moth Catcher in episode 3.

Here’s the official trailer for Vera Series 6:


Vera Series 6 Broadcast Dates

Some exciting news. The sixth series of Vera begins on ITV in the UK, at 8pm on Sunday 31st January 2016. No news yet on US or other international air dates. The episodes for the series (writers in brackets) are:

  1. Dark Road (Martha Hillier)
  2. Tuesday’s Child (Glen Laker) – 7th Feb
  3. The Moth Catcher (Paul Matthew Thompson) – 14th Feb
  4. The Sea Glass (Martha Hillier) – 21st Feb

Here is the promo for series/season 6:

One Last Dance Wraps

The short film, starring Jonathan Pryce and Shane Attwooll, has now wrapped. Directed by Luke Losey, it looks like it’ll be a cracking short. Should have more updates toward the end of the year and hopefully a trailer to post up. 


Director Luke Losey and Jonathan Pryce on the set of One Last Dance


Shane and Jon doing some acting


Director Luke Losey and Jonathan Pryce


Vera – episode 2, Series 6

The episode of Vera I wrote for series 6 is into its last 2 weeks filming. An amazing guest cast have joined Brenda and Kenny for the episode. Keep an eye out on Twitter and Instagram for the #Vera and #Vera6 hashtags for some on-set shots and updates. 

Here’s one posted by Riley Jones (DC Edwards) from one of the locations for the episode. Brenda, Kenny and Kingsley doing their thing. 


Vera Series 6 Episode Shoots

Episode 2 of Vera series six is now shooting around Northumberland for the next 4 weeks. A great guest cast have joined Brenda Blethyn and Kenny Doughty. 

I can’t say much more about the episode storyline at this stage, but it does include a murder and some sleuthing.  😉

One Last Dance

One Last Dance is currently shooting in London and Herne Bay. Financed by a successful Kickstarter campaign, it stays Jonathan Pryce and Shane Attwooll and is directed by Luke Losey. I wrote the script. 

It’s an ambitious film, with a huge crew shooting anamorphic on 35mm film stock. I’m very proud to have supplied the words for it. Can’t wait to see it at festivals later this year. 


Vera – Muddy Waters – Reviews

Brilliant news. The Vera episode I scripted has been choice of the week in the Radio Times, as well as Pick of the Day in the TV Times, Radio Times and What’s On TV magazines. It was given 5/5 in the TV Times. Tune in tomorrow at 8pm on ITV1.


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